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Can A Salvage Title Be Repaired?

October 1, 2017
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Can a salvage title be repaired?

Can a salvage title vehicle be repaired? This is one of the most common questions we should hear when a new customer is learning about the automotive industry. But, very rarely does a customer ask this question and we think we know why.

The amount of information available to the consumer is enormous. Huge. Endless. Especially about cars. There are blogs, forums, social media pages and feeds that will be happy to share opinions of everything related to a car. This little blog is here to do the same. Share our opinion.

Most opinions are skewed to the negative end of the buy-a-used-car spectrum. The opinions read by our staff have instigated this entire site. There simply isn’t enough information available about salvage title vehicles to make an educated or helpful decision. And, the negative significantly outweighs the positive.

We have heard almost every story in the world about salvage title vehicles. From horror stories to glowing positive experiences. Our personal experiences have been more positive than negative. Certainly different than some of the internet stories. But, like Mom always said, “It was on the internet. It must be true…”

We can only share what our 30+ years of experience with salvage title vehicles can provide. This isn’t five people with six years each. None of that fancy math at our place. It is 30+ years of buying, fixing, selling, honoring warranties, hundreds of repeat customer experiences from multiple team members. The internet cannot replace nor fully value these experiences.

A salvage title vehicle can be an excellent candidate for repair when considering a few important check points. The very first point to consider is the location of damage causing the salvage title. Every single salvage title vehicle should be treated the same as a doctor treats each unique patient. Every car is different and every car deserves a thorough inspection before making any unwanted or careless assumptions. The point of impact or reason for salvage title should be verified and validated. Many times, this is obvious. The vehicle has front end damage and can be carefully evaluated. Be very careful not to forget the remainder of the vehicle. Previous damage may be hiding or may have already been repaired. Don’t be misled or mistaken by assuming that the damage that you see is the vehicle’s history.

It is very important to remember that used vehicles are not perfect vehicles.

It is very important to remember that used vehicles are not perfect vehicles. No CarFax should ever replace a trusted mechanic or bodyman’s professional assessment. CarFax is more incorrect than correct in providing an accurate history report of vehicles (see their own disclaimers). Trusting this type of source when purchasing any vehicle is a huge mistake. CarFax is good at one thing – making the consumer believe that a fox is somehow more trustworthy than a car dealer.

An additional point to consider is the cost to repair a salvage title vehicle. Many of our customers are interested in finding the best vehicle available in the market place at the point of time when purchasing a vehicle is necessary. We have sold damaged and repaired vehicles for many years. Buying a damaged vehicle might be attractive because you are capable of repairing the vehicle on your own or you have friends/family that can help you save money. Buying a repaired vehicle might present a unique savings factor or the vehicle may be hard to find due to demand. The majority of our customers believe that the vehicle can offer savings otherwise difficult to find in the used car market.

Not All Salvage Title Vehicles Should Be Fixed

Not all salvage title vehicles should be repaired. This is going to be a tricky subject for the internet. There are enough bodymen on the earth that will tell you that anything can be fixed. And this statement may be true. But it doesn’t mean that everything should be fixed. Our rule of thumb is to avoid purchasing (and therefore selling) vehicles that have been sewn together, learned to submarine, or have, at one point of the vehicle’s life, been introduced to a moving train. We have seen these vehicles on more than one occasion. We don’t deal in this stuff. No one wins.

The decision to repair a salvage title vehicle should be researched and evaluated by the consumer. If you have additional ideas or thoughts please leave them in the comments below.

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