Home RenovationWhen is the last time you watched a fixer-upper show? You know the type. A nice couple from middle America choosing between three neglected properties followed by demolition and the drama of renovation. Complete TV networks have been built around this entertainment. Buy broken and finish with preference. Great shows!

The Make-Over World

This same idea is used in fashion and fitness. Personal makeovers. A tired and worn out mother that simply doesn’t have time to focus on herself is magically transformed before our television eyes with a new wardrobe, new makeup and a new smile.

Cars have seen similar programs – well, some cars. Directors usually select an odd barn-find or Dad’s old muscle car. The car is gutted, worked over by a team of professionals and made to look immaculate again. And somehow Dad ends up shedding his first tear.

What about damaged cars? Somehow, damaged cars have earned the negative of all negative tones. “The car is trash, should be destroyed, never able to be used again.” Ever heard these words? This can’t be true, right? Amidst all of our fixer upper desires the car has become the outcast. Yes, yes, there are some vehicles that should only be used for scrap metal and parts. Not every car in the world should be repaired. And some homes are completely demolished. Everyone knows that. But the negativity and bad juju needs to stop.

Please, make it stop.

Just like a broken down, worn out home, an automobile can be purchased and brought back to life. Unfortunately, damage and neglect happens to homes, cars and even people. With hard work, vision, and commitment, all things, including most cars, can be rebuilt and restored.  And just like a house, cost is a significant and motivating factor.


The myths and rumors of damaged vehicles continue to defy logic. They commonly use emotion to be persuasive. Such scare tactics aren’t uncommon in the automobile industry. Most people don’t trust a car dealer (salvage history or clean title). Transparency is the solution to all myths, rumors and falsehoods. We show the vehicle as it truly is. No need to hide. We aren’t afraid of CarFax. Every car on RebuiltRestored.com comes with a CarFax. We encourage inspections. Bring a professional and leave your rumor buddy “experts” at home. We don’t care to argue, we take pride in our profession and we aren’t ashamed of a damaged vehicle. We know not everyone will be convinced but smart buyers work with RebuiltRestored to save money.