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Salvage, Rebuilt, Branded, Theft: Used Car Titles

November 14, 2017
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Used Car Titles. Clean, branded, salvage, rebuilt, theft recovery, flood, or junk. There are many used car title categories. The single piece of paper that determines ownership. The same piece of paper that, for many people, determines history and used car value. Let’s define the various car title classifications.


A clean title may signify that the car or truck is not branded. Most banks and credit unions will lend money for clean title vehicles. A clean title does NOT signify that the vehicle is free from accident history.


A salvage title usually signifies that an insurance company has settled with an owner to take ownership following an accident, calamity or theft. Vehicles with a salvage title have not yet been repaired or made legal for road use. These vehicles are often referred to as “totaled” because an insurance company has determined that the cost of repair (including hassles, time and professional availability) will exceed a threshold too close to the vehicle’s market retail value.


A rebuilt title signifies an event that caused the title to once be salvage. After proper state inspections (these vary from state to state), the vehicle is deemed worthy for road use and receives the ‘rebuilt’ designation.


A vehicle with a junk title designation implies the vehicle cannot be registered for use on the highway again. This type of title is rarely used but some insurance companies are using this designation more often with flood vehicles.


Branded title is a reference to a title status other than a clean title. It may be salvage, rebuilt, flood, theft, or junk.

When shopping for your next vehicle be aware of the title designation. Ask questions and inspect the vehicle carefully. All of these used vehicle titles serve a purpose and can be put to great use. Any other questions — put them in the comments below.

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