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Selling Online: Watch For Scams and Text Fraud

December 6, 2017
Posted by: Rebuilt Restored

As a part of doing business on the world wide web, it has become our (cough, cough) pleasure to have seen a scam or two. Text fraud is becoming very difficult for online classifieds. Using any websites for sales, including, can open the door to forms of text fraud. Let me say, this is some of the most useless, wasteful and horrible garbage of mankind. With that out of the way, we decided to keep screen shots and examples of scams you might see when trying to sell your vehicle online. While some are very humorous, this really is no laughing matter. We hope that none of you fall for these types of text fraud and/or efforts to scam sellers. Our advice to avoiding text fraud is basic: Call the number that text you to verify the person at the other end of the line. If no answer, ignore the text message all together. Take the extra step of blocking the phone number from contacting you again. Call, Ignore, Block.

Check back often as we will keep this page updated with the efforts of the snake’s underbelly.

The Military Scam

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Our military forces are stationed around the world and are some of our most incredible men and women. We support them and their efforts without fail. This type of text fraud has been around for a very long time and can take on a few different forms. We have spoken with numerous active duty military men and women about this scam. This simply does not happen and will not happen. If a person in the military is interested in your vehicle they will not announce themselves as such. They will not ask you to email them at first contact. If they can send a text (which is what this joker did) then they can communicate via text. This scam is angering because it preys on our commitment to support our troops. Do not reply to this type of email request. If the buyer is serious, he or she will call or text without excuse.


This example requests the seller to input numbers when the “buyer” calls. The two digit number the seller would be asked to input is a verification process for Google or other companies. DO NOT INPUT ANY NUMBERS. This perpetuates the scam process by verifying Google Voice numbers and more. When in doubt: Call, Ignore, Block.

The LINK Scam

The LINK scam amongst text fraud has increased in frequency in recent months. A link from an unknown person should never be opened. No email, text message, Facebook message or any other kind of message with a link from someone you do not know (and know well) should be ignored. The trouble with these links is that they can appear to be familiar. Some of these examples have the familiar word of Facebook or Craigslist in the link. Please do not be tricked by these links. Opening links can compromise your device and, sometimes, your personal information. When in doubt: Call, Ignore, Block.

link scam text-thread example

The EMAIL Scam

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The EMAIL scam has been around since the invention of email. It is never easy to know exactly what this type of scam can accomplish — the goals vary depending on the scammer. Now, it is happening as text fraud. Do not email this person under any circumstance. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with, at the minimum, more spam email. Serious inquiries will ask meaningful questions without requesting personal information. If you’re worried about the person on the other end of the message, call them. Much can be learned in a simple phone call. When in doubt: Call, Ignore, Block.


The PAY BY MAIL scam is still going. Even with all of the news coverage and Dateline stings, this scam keeps churning. The nicest thing we can say is – would you send a check in the mail to someone you have never talked to on the phone? And, surprisingly, with just one text reply? Please, please, please do not fall for this scam in any shape or form. When in doubt: Call, Ignore, Block.

mail scam text-thread example
pay by mail scam text-thread example


paypal scam text-thread example

The PAYPAL scam is something everyone should understand. “Buyers” looking to pay for your car via Paypal should be heavily scrutinized. While we love Paypal and the convenience of the service, someone requesting your Paypal information via text message to make payment for something he has never seen in person should be a red flag. Please do not share your Paypal information with a stranger. A serious inquiry for your vehicle will not include a request for your personal information (Paypal, bank account, email, etc.). These are all leading indicators of fraud and scams. Be cautious. When in doubt: Call, Ignore, Block.