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Selling Your Branded Title Vehicle

December 1, 2017
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Selling your vehicle can be a simple process once you've done your homework.

The time has come. You are ready to part ways and make a change. Your car has served you well but you feel the need to get something new. Trading it in won’t work because you know you may not get the best deal. We’ve all been there. The private seller option is a great way to get the best money out of your vehicle. There are a few things to know about selling your branded title vehicle.


Take your car to the car wash and really clean it. Spend some time vacuuming the carpets (under and in between the seats). Throw away all of the garbage, wrappers and even the nasty floor mats. Wash the exterior and make sure the glass is clean inside and out. A professional detail can range in price anywhere from $50 to $300. and may be a great option if you are short on time.


Find a parking lot or parking garage and take pictures of your freshly detailed vehicle. Use your camera on your phone if your phone is newer than 2014. Six to ten images of the exterior at various angles and four or more images of the interior. You may consider taking a picture of the engine as well. If there a defects or flaws, be sure to get clear images so that you can easily describe the flaw to a potential buyer. Quality images sell vehicles.


There are various online resources for posting your vehicle for sale. Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo and Facebook Marketplace are free alternatives. If your vehicle has a branded title be sure to use AutoTrader,, eBay and others require payment to post for sale. Consider your budget and remember, the more eyeballs that see your vehicle the sooner your vehicle can sell.


Be ready for a buyer. Communicate effectively by responding to text messages and answering phone calls. You may consider using a “burner” phone number if you don’t want your personal phone number attached to the internet ads. Above all, be responsive and honest. A real buyer is interested to find out some by phone or text but most certainly should want to see the car in person before offering to buy. Be aware of scammers and their latest text tricks. Jump to our post on the latest text scams and examples for more information.

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Once you find the perfect buyer you will need to have the title and necessary documents for the transaction. You can download these documents from our site and you should check with your local DMV to make sure you have everything you need according to your State’s laws. Remember:

  • Clean the Car
  • Snap High Quality Pictures
  • Post Online For Sale
  • Effective Communication

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